Baking with Boy Boy

Baking is much more comfortable for me. There’s no open flame to deal with, and the twin charms of sugar and butter help to salve my misgivings. I don’t usually invite Boy Boy to help, but he was interested to see what I was doing, and chocolate chip cookies seem fairly failproof — although there … Continue reading

Too Chicken

I meant to cook last night, but by the time we got home from the market, it was too late at night. I had no more energy. Tonight I cooked Pecan Chicken. I used my Magic Bullet to grind the cornflakes, but it really turned the cornflakes into dust. Mental note: crushing them with the … Continue reading

Romantic Dinner of Four

Usually we would celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending too much money on silly gifts, and then waiting in line at a restaurant — not even fine dining, but something like the humble hamburger spot where we would run into all our friends. This year, we decided to spend the evening at home, instead of chasing … Continue reading

The Dance

¬† This is the first time I cooked and made my husband dance. It came from the Greatest Hits book, and it only contains easy to use ingredients. Add to these ingredients one beer. Begin by uncapping the beer, and drinking deeply. Then brown the meat, add the bacon, whoops! Forgot to mention the onion. … Continue reading

Greatest Hits

I have this friend who calls me every day as she drives home from work, and she tells me what she is cooking for dinner. She tells me what ingredients she has, or what she will need. Sometimes I think to ask, “How will you cook it?” Most often, I just marvel at her resourcefulness. … Continue reading


This was the most cooking-est cooking I have done, so far this year.¬† I planned to make some kind of crock-pot meal this week for two reasons: I wanted to try something new, and I wanted to have more time in the evening. So I settled on something¬† from one of those mini recipe books … Continue reading