Greatest Hits

I have this friend who calls me every day as she drives home from work, and she tells me what she is cooking for dinner. She tells me what ingredients she has, or what she will need.

Sometimes I think to ask, “How will you cook it?” Most often, I just marvel at her resourcefulness. I mean, where does she find the energy to do it day after day? She would probably say, “You gotta eat.”

Well, that’s true, but I’m so klutzy in the kitchen, I’m more likely to make a sandwich than a dinner for the family.

Then for Christmas I asked her to give me the gift of cookiness. Can she compile a book of her Greatest Hits? I need fast, easy, and cheap. I need something the hubby will eat, too.

My toddler won’t eat it, so that’s of no concern.

Anyway, here is the book she gave me. In fact, she sent me out the door on Christmas Eve with a handled paper bag filled with one green pepper, box of spaghetti, “The good stuff,” she added, a can of tomato sauce, paper packet of seasoning, and a package of ground beef. In short, she gave me everything I needed to make one meal from the book.

And she might be the gifted cook, but I’m the one who really got the gift! I’ll try to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had making meals from these pages.


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