Romantic Dinner of Four

Usually we would celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending too much money on silly gifts, and then waiting in line at a restaurant — not even fine dining, but something like the humble hamburger spot where we would run into all our friends.

This year, we decided to spend the evening at home, instead of chasing the three year old up and down the aisle of a restaurant. I tried this recipe for Pot Roast in the Crock Pot and found out that I am indeed capable of cooking meat without ruining it.  The 3 year old ate his chicken nuggets, and the 4 month old slept in his crib.

See the picture of our wedding china? After 6 years of marriage and two kids, this is the first time we’ve even pulled them out for dinner! It’s a shame, too, because they are beautiful. I made another promise to myself that they should be used at least twice each year from now on.

The roast was easy, but I was very nervous about browning the meat before putting it into the crock pot. I’m not great with meat on the burner — I tend to overcook it, or keep the flames too low. But I do remember Dad telling me that searing the edges is the secret to a really great roast.

Halfway through the day, I wondered if I had added enough water, and I called Dad. He said, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could call Gramma and ask her how to make a pot roast? She would love to tell you about that! But from what I remember,” he continued, “she had to start with a super hot pan. She was in danger of scorching the pan every time! The iron skillet was probably red hot. She closed the doors to the rest of the house, so the smoke and burning smell wouldn’t fill the house. Then she would stand up to the stove — ” and here he reminded me how tiny Gramma is. “The roast had to be big enough to feed seven people!” How did she even lift the thing? “Then she held it hard against that pan and it would sputter and make a huge noise.”

Well I can’t call Gramma, but if I did, I would show her these pictures of an actual, Honest-to-God Pot Roast that I made with my bare hands! That, and a fork. It’s just meat, salt & pepper, dill weed, and I used little red potatoes with organic carrots (because you could buy them individually and we wouldn’t have any waste).

When DH bit into it, he coughed and choked! It turns out that was just random, because the meat tasted very good. Maybe next time I will take more time searing the edges before I put it in.

Happy Valentine’s Day to us, and to everyone.

2 Responses to “Romantic Dinner of Four”
  1. That looks amaaaazing! You rock!

    I had egg salad on toast for dinner. *sigh*

  2. steve says:

    Yeah, and it was good.

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