Too Chicken

I meant to cook last night, but by the time we got home from the market, it was too late at night. I had no more energy.

Tonight I cooked Pecan Chicken. I used my Magic Bullet to grind the cornflakes, but it really turned the cornflakes into dust. Mental note: crushing them with the side of a knife might have been sufficient.

The recipe calls for honey and soy sauce for dipping the chicken breast, then rolling it in pecan chips and corn flakes.

Unfortunately, the recipe said to cook for 5 minutes on a side, which seemed wrong, even to me, and I have zero experience cooking chicken.

So I called my Cooking Guru — author of the Greatest Hits book — and she suggested I cook for 10 min. each side, and then use a thermometer, which I did. It wasn’t ready, so I added 10 more minutes, and it worked well enough, so I’m adding “cook for 15 min. each side” to the page of the recipe book.

Although the flavor was okay, I wasn’t very pleased. Maybe I don’t like white meat, but it just tasted too chickeny for my liking. I think it needed sauce, or something. (I did serve with salad, but even that didn’t do much to cut the flavor.) And even though I sprayed the tin foil with Pam, all the pecan pieces stuck to the foil, so I thought, “What was the point of that?”

Anyway, we are well fed, and it wasn’t difficult to make — at all. I think tomorow I will cook some easy pasta and I’m making a plan to cook something with chicken again next week until I get the hang of it.


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