Sam’s Club Recipe

Pasta with Sam

Well we needed to eat. Otherwise, we’d be eating KFC. More on that, after this meal.

I didn’t plan anything this week because it was my week off. But I knew I had this jar of Ragu: Cheesy Roasted Paremesian and then Hubby took me to Costco, where we bought 6 bags of pasta. Here is how that worked: Hubby wanted to buy 6 bags of spaghetti and I complained that I don’t like it that much. I mean, I like bowtie, shells, and something my son’s aunt calls “Sewer Pipes” which is a form of tubes. Please comment if you know what the real name is.

From being pregnant, I had many cans of chicken left. Chicken comes in cans the same as tuna, but when you find out how many bad things are in tuna (hello, mercury) you find that canned chicken is much better, and just as easy. So with a lifetime supply of pasta, one jar of Ragu, and two small cans of chicken, I was able to whip up this recipe that I first tried at Sam’s Club.

I’m not a member of Sam’s, but I was there with my son’s aunt before he turned 3. He is a very picky eater, so wasn’t I surprised when he ate two samples of their noodles + Ragu + canned chicken. I vowed to make that at home. Only problem: I am not a Sam’s member, only a guest.

But suddenly I find myself with the same ingredients? I read a magazine while the pot boiled over, then I stirred the chicken and the whole jar of sauce to heat it. Then I cooked a Stouffer’s Steamer of green beans in the microwave, and we were soon eating. Other than mixing some rice cereal for the baby, and serving some non-sauce “Sewer Pipes” to the toddler, we were done.

Okay, back to chicken: I made one chicken I haven’t mentioned here, which is something I’d like to call “Snow White Chicken” because it involves several artichoke hearts, quartered. I believe a minion was instructed to cut Snow White’s heart into four parts? Correct me, please, in a comment. Anyway, this recipe called for six chicken breasts, a scoop of minute rice under each, inside foil packets, with artichoke hearts and tomatoes poured on top, finished with zesty itallian dressing.

My greatest “win” was eating KFC the night before. As we prepared lunches for Monday, I told Hubby there was some KFC left, and he told me, “No, I’d rather have the chicken you made yesterday.” Yahoooo! He picked me over KFC. Isn’t that romantic?

3 Responses to “Sam’s Club Recipe”
  1. Heather H. says:

    I think the “sewer pipes” are called “penne” πŸ™‚ In our house, our “go to” recipe when there’s little-to-nothing in the cupboard also involves pasta & canned chicken. Its less glamorous than yours, though πŸ˜‰ its just a box of Mac ‘n’ Cheese (yes, the cheap stuff, w/the powdered cheese-like substance), a can of chicken, and half a bag of frozen peas. Its actually quite tasty, but definitely not Martha Stewart approved…LOL

  2. That sounds delish, and a great stand-by! I like that you don’t have to figure out which roasted garlic creamy zesty garden garlic pesto sauce to use, lol. Less thinking and more eating — that’s the kind of cooking I need more of : )

  3. LOL, this post describes 47% of my ‘home cooked’ meals. I’m all about the pasta + sauce + canned chicken, although I’ve never seen an actual ‘recipe’ for it. Sometimes I’ll chop up some green pepper and/or onion and/or black olives and toss those in the sauce (which I microwave in a bowl, because I’m too lazy to wash *two* pots for one meal. πŸ˜‰

    Turning down KFC is definitely a sign of true love! ❀

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