Dinner for the Toothless


The baby is six months old now, and ready for some food. Since I have trouble concocting dinner for regular folks, I am nervous about making dinner for someone who has no teeth. Then again, he’s never tasted anything different, so what does he know?

I nearly shelled out $150 for a fancy baby food making machine: it is a steamer, and a food processor, and it looks so cute! You can buy a rice and noodle basket for it, and some rubber food trays to go in the freezer.

But I don’t have $150. I do have a Magic Bullet, and I purchased a Pyrex measuring cup, with a great handle and spout, so I can easily steam food and then pour it into the Magic Bullet. I also purchased some half-pint mason jars from Target, and some erasable labels from The Container Store.

Here is my first attempt at peas, using organic frozen peas from Ralphs. I simply steamed the peas, then Magic Bulleted them.

I watched several You Tube videos on how to make baby food, and I am using a Williams Sonoma book on food for babies and toddlers. An important step is to pour the nutrient-rich water back into the puree to make it thin, and nutritious. I actually saved some of that water for another day, in case the frozen meals need thinning.

The peas are bright green, and they smell good — like food, not like something from a jar. Tonight will be baby’s first taste of anything besides rice cereal and, of course, milk.

Wish me luck.

One Response to “Dinner for the Toothless”
  1. So, how did the baby like his organic pureed peas? You made them sound very appetizing!

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