Wins and Losses

I have always wanted to be one of those people who baked something and brought it to the party. In real life, I am the person who buys something and brings it to the party, or more often, forgets and brings nothing. So when the Cooking Guru invited me to a Bar-B-Q, I jumped at the chance to make a desert. Two deserts!

First I tried the lemon bars. Many people told me they were easy, and one friend — who will remain anonymous — urged me to try the Krusteaz lemon bars, as they get rave reviews.

I pulled out my Betty Crocker, the Bridal Edition, and found it had a grocery receipt marking a place that was dated exactly one month and one day from our wedding day. Now I wish I had looked to see what recipe it was marking. I’m so sentimental, I want to laminate that receipt.

Anyway, I think there may be a mistake in the recipe because it calls for baking powder, but doesn’t say to put it in the crust — just says to put “everything left” into the filling mixture. Huh. So we will see if this was a win or a loss.

I can also mention that beating the egg and lemon mixture blew our breaker twice, and the beaters fell off the hand held three times! I think a plastic bowl would have prevented that. It was annoying.

While the lemon bars baked, I tried to live up to the words of Bridget Jones when she says, “I suspected I was something of a genius in the kitchen.” Then she makes blue soup. Similarly, I skipped all recipes and cut a frozen pound cake into cubes. I mixed food coloring with can frosting, and heated it, then dipped the cake cubes into the frosting. See how they look? Uh, not so genius after all…

I did eat a few of them. They taste okay, but they are the wrong texture and the whole thing was a complete failure.

Then I layed the remaining cubes out on a pizza pan — thank you, Cooking Guru — with waxed paper. I did more frosting in pink, then drizzled it all over the cubes. They are now in the freezer, waiting for drizzles of blue frosting.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

This week I didn’t photograph the dinners I made: chopped ham sandwiches from the Food Network magazine, and ravioli bake — just frozen raviolis, in a dish, covered with sauce and lots of cheese. That one couldn’t fail, and it didn’t. Yum, yum.

3 Responses to “Wins and Losses”
  1. Awww. Cake should never = Fail. Cake is by definition WIN!

    So did your home-made lemon bars turn out okay? They look yummy!

    • The lemon bars were kinda limp in the middle, and caramelized on the outside. Did I overcook them? Or possibly, did I simply not beat the egg+lemon mixture right before pouring it in? I dunno. I’m totally trying krusteaz next time.

  2. Anna says:

    I loved them and ate four before dinner

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