This is the second time I’ve made Turkey Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes from the Real Simple cookbook.  I think it turned about better the first time, and I’m not sure why…  This time the meat looked very pale, and less delectable.  I cooked it for the same amount of time, at the same temperature. Perhaps using low-fat turkey meant there was less flavor.

Also, I notice a preponderance of parsley and onion in this cookbook.  Many of the recipes I’ve tried include way, way too much of both of these ingredients.  This time I cut the onion serving in half, same for the parsley, with good results. 

Dad tells me the best way to make meatloaf is to use Campbell’s tomato soup on top — undiluted — instead of ketchup. Next time.

Mashed potatoes were totally surprising to me.  I thought they were going to require lots of arm strength to mash, but no…they were soft and easy.  I ended up adding more salt, and Dear Hubby added Kosher salt.  Why Kosher?  I don’t know, but if there was a Catholic salt, he’d add that, too.

Side of broccoli steamer. So easy.  Tomorrow: tacos.

One Response to “Meatloaf”
  1. Wow, I haven’t had meatloaf in ages…but now I want some!

    I second the tomato soup on top recommendation…my mom used to do that too. And yes, sadly, as with so many other things, fat = flavor when it comes to ground meat. I’m sure a clever and experienced cook would know low-fat things that can be added to enhance the flavor & texture of the leaner ground meats… but I am neither of those things, so I got nothin’. 😉

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