Now I’m going to get myself into some real trouble. Someone was generous enough to give me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my bridal shower, one hundred years ago. And do you know I have never used it — until just now?

In my defense, we lived in a very small apartment, with a galley kitchen, and we couldn’t find room for a trivet, much less the behemoth model of this lovely machine. Friends came over and marveled at the unopened box. Someone even ran her hands lovinging over the picture, in rocket red.

Then we bought our own house, but an old house, with old electrical limits. We have to turn off the TV when we use the microwave, or put on some shoes, then go outside to flip the breaker. Can I just say I had a concern that this mixer would not be worth a trip outdoors on most days?

But if you saw my last post you know the hand mixer is not in great shape. I’ve had it since college.

So I washed out the bowl and the whisk blade, poured my yellow cake mix into it. I started on low, waiting for the familiar power outage…then held my breath as I moved the lever from 2 up to 4. It works! *clapping hands*

The instructions say a Kitchen Aid will only need half the time to mix most recipes, but I don’t think that’s true. I used the same amount of time, and I might have used a bit more. A taste of the finished product will either tell me if that is true, or convince me it doesn’t matter because cake is cake. (Thank you livemoreshopless for pointing that out!) Say what you will, but box cake in a Kitchen Aid is probably overkill.

Next time? Chocolate from scratch. I saw a great recipe in a magazine this week.

Oh, and I should mention that I fell down on the job again this week because I only cooked once — the meatloaf, see previous entry. The following night was meant to be tacos, but I had taxes to accomplish, so Dear Hubby did it. I ended up calling Turbo Tax, and stayed on the phone for three hours. I put the man on speakerphone, and ate tacos while DH got the boys bathed and dressed for bed, all the while checking the download, and talking about tax things. In the end, it was just as if we had Nice Turbo Tax Fellow over for dinner with us.

In case Turbo Tax ever reads this: thank you for the friendly service, and it’s not your fault the disk was bad.

Tonight I’m hoping we can assemble the Street Tacos kit from Costco — made with Korean bar-b-q beef. The sample was heavenly.

2 Responses to “Overkill”
  1. Hee! Did you play that Taxman song by the Beatles for your dinner guest to set the mood while you waited? Glad everything worked out though! 3 hours, yikes!

    Caaaaake! So did you get to taste it yet? Did it turn out any better for having been professionally beaten?

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