Not Giada

Here was a really yummy Raviolio Bake — totally easy:
half a package of frozen cheese ravioli
– pound of ground meat (beef?)
– jar spaghetti sauce
– 14 oz. can diced tomatos
– 2 cups shredded mozarella cheese

This was from my Cooking Guru’s “Greatest Hits” book, so I don’t really know the source. God Bless whomever created this dish!

And speaking of dishes: Cooking Guru says to use something smaller than 13 x 9. What is the next smaller size, but not as small as an 8 x 8?

Anyway: brown the beef using your new Giada pan, as pictured. Isn’t it gorgeous? I purchased this pan hoping I would look and cook like Giada.

Of course, anyone using frozen ravioli and jar sauce, is Not Giada.

Mix in the sauce and tomatoes. Spread in the pan. Lay the ravioli on the next layer. Cover with cheeze. Put foil on the top, and cook for 30 min. at 450 degrees.

If you have the smaller size pan, the trick is to layer meat, raviolis, cheese, and then repeat. Also, I wonder if you bought one of those caserole dishes in Easter colors at Ralphs? How I covet them…but then, I think about my greasy fingers and how easily it would crack on the floor. Pyrex, however, is forever. It does bounce.

For the education providers reading: cool science fair project here! How far does your Pyrex bounce?

The sauce I used this time was Classico with sun-dried tomatoes. It was very sweet and nice. This made a great lunch the day after, too.

2 Responses to “Not Giada”
  1. Anna says:

    Just wanted to share that since I spoke with you last, half an hour ago, this dish has been made and is in the oven baking. I did not have my 7 x 11 pan so I used a 1.5 qt oval corning ware dish. It fit fine. Glad you like the recipe. I have had it a long time and have no idea where I got it.

  2. This sounds delicious!

    I think I tried a similar recipe out of Real Simple years ago, but it called for frozen spinach instead of ground beef. Using the spinach is easier since you don’t have to brown a bunch of meat first, but it can also be a bit tricky, because if you don’t get *all* of the water out of the spinach, it turns into a soupy mess. (Three guesses how I know that.)

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