Easier BLT and Product Review

Since we’re trying to save money, a major drawback to Redneck Calzone is that there’s all this bacon leftover. Last time I bought a small package of pre-cooked bacon just so there was less of it — but truly, you can get 10 times as much meat for less money, so we come out ahead to buy the larger package.

I had promised to make Redneck Calzone for DH, and that was Monday’s meal. It was enough food for lunches and dinners the next day.

Then I planned to have a Breakfast for Dinner — eggs, toast, and bacon — on Thursday, but DH suggested BLT’s as it is getting hot, and a sandwich is very cool.

Cooking Guru suggested we bake the bacon instead of frying it. We used a cookie sheet, foil, and baked for about 15 min, although Cooking Guru warns that it overcooks quickly. She says to use 375 for 5 min. but we found that was not enough time. If you want to try it, I suggest you go for about 8 min. and check the bacon every minute after that to see how it works for you.

Another secret ingredient is the mayo. A BLT is nothing without mayo.

Okay, product review: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Bar Mix. I found it in the cake mix section, and the picture looked yum: thick slabs of peanutbuttery goodness, with a thin layer of chocolate on top. The box declares it is a “No Bake” recipe, but I was disappointed with that and other aspects of the mix.

For starters, the price was over $4. What possessed me? Just the thought that we would be eating something as good as the $12 item at the bakery. No dice, there.

It required nearly a whole stick of butter, and three different forays into the microwave. I mean, I guess that doesn’t count as baking, but I would be worried for anyone who truly expected to mix and chill.

Another big concern was the size of the thing: barely larger than two Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter bars (not the cups, but the bars that are squares of peanut butter filled chocolate). I could have purchased two bars and saved my time.

Then the chocolate topping was really hard to smooth over the whole thing — if you ask me, I have to say there was simply not enough chocolate for the amount of peanut butter filling.

All of these complaints are before tasting it, so maybe I will log on again tomorrow and tell you it tasted great and was well worth the price and the time.

Or maybe I can google for a great peanut butter bar recipe that fits our budget and our lifestyle? And doesn’t come with the flashy corporate label? Hey, that sounds yummy too : )

One Response to “Easier BLT and Product Review”
  1. Buffy says:

    My dad always cooks is bacon. He swears its healthier than frying it and he can cook up 2 or 3 pounds at a time and freeze it. Then when he and my mom want bacon for whatever he can take however much he wants out of the freezer and nuke it.

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