Dinner by Packet

Here lies a blog of two packets: one for tonight, and one for tomorrow.

People often claim that tacos are an easy meal for a beginner cook. I beg to differ. I never have figured out exactly when to wash and cut the lettuce and the tomatoes. While the meat is cooking, it needs stirring. And never mind the conversation about Boy Boy needing attention, and 7 month old boy making that open-mouth complaint that means, “Feed me!” It starts out so politely, and gradually become, “What the hell are you waiting for?”

I make my job slightly easier by using pre-shredded cheese, “Mexican Blend.”

We tried the taco shells with a flat bottom. They are more fun that constantly stuffing the contents back into a tipped-over shell.  I have tortillas also for soft tacos which make a more convenient lunch.

I went cheap on the taco sauce. By the way, salsa is not a substitute for taco sauce. There is no taco without the taco sauce, as far as I am concerned. And the new, cheaper brand was pretty tasty.

Then there is the mystery of grease; why do recipes never mention that you must drain the grease? And has anyone ever told *where* the grease is to be drained into? It’s so yucky, I find it hard to believe that everyone everywhere is always draining the grease, and yet nobody ever mentions where it goes to. It might be one of those weird grown-up things I never learned about…like how to keep from spending every last dime of your paycheck at The Container Store.

Anyway, the dinner was fabulous.

Can I say here, Thank You Giada! The pan continues to work for us, day in and day out. It cooks nearly every meal for us. And it has a handy handle, useful for draining the grease.

tomorrow morning we will use the other packet to make a slow cooker meal, pulled pork, which I have never before made because I was afraid of the pulling process. (What if I drop it all on the floor? What if I don’t trim enough of the fat?)  I have been lagging in finding more new things to try, but the packet itself had the recipe.

One Response to “Dinner by Packet”
  1. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to make my own tacos. Not the crunchy kind, anyway. It sounds good, but kind of a lot of work if you’re single and just feeding yourself.

    I wasn’t too sure about the grease thing myself, but eventually I learned that, no, you don’t dump it down the kitchen sink drain (not if you own that drain, anyway). I seem to recall that my mom kept a big-ish glass jar under the sink that she drained the fat into. Once the jar was full, she would toss it and start another one. It *is* one of those overlooked bits of cooking knowledge though.

    How did the pulled pork go?

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