Crisis for Dinner

There’s really only one way to turn 40 — regress! And so I threw a Twilight-theme party that was worthy of any sixteen year old girl. I wore my Twilight crown from Burger King’s Twilight promo last summer.

Here was the menu: ravioli bake, bread with oil & balsamic vinegar to dip, salad, and cranberry sparkler. The ravioli represents the mushroom ravioli Bella orders on her first date with Edward. The cranberry sparkler was made with half-and-half cranberry juice and 7-up.

I forgot to mention the red velvet cake. Another good choice would have been berry cobbler, since they say in the movie that Bella loved it — when she was a child.

Take note that red wine was also served, and you’ll see here a spare bottle of True Blood from last year’s ComicCon.

Overall, the party was small, but nice. We did stay up talking until past 1:00 am, and I haven’t taken the decorations down yet; Boy Boy is enjoying doing crafts on the kitchen table with a plastic covering.


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