Pasta Purgatory

Help me before I Classico again! 

I have been doing up a pasta meal once a week, just as a go-to meal that we can make whenever (freeze the ground beef or turkey, and use one of the many packages of noodles we have on-hand) but now I am finding we are eating pasta twice a week — or more, if you count leftovers.

For example, I started the week with a Ravioli Bake — tried and true.  Then we had leftovers on Tuesday, now it’s Wednesday and I’m boiling another pot of noodles.

Oh, did you notice the Target sale on pasta, for less than a dollar a box?  Not helping…

So now I’m returning to my original promise to cook two meals each week, and I’m planning deliberately to do something OTHER than pasta for a least a few weeks in a row.  I need to round-out my repertoire so that we can have things like pulled-pork. 

I know I have a taco packet in the spice rack and tomorrow night I am planning to have a Breakfast for Dinner meal of Bisquick biscuits with jar gravy, and some Jimmy Dean sausage.  Wish me luck, as I have never made drop biscuits before. I just have to beware that our oven takes the minimum cooking time, always, or else they will be dry and not tasty.

For now, going to surf the net for other recipes.  Send me some!  We especially like turkey, chicken, and beef.

One Response to “Pasta Purgatory”
  1. Nothin’ wrong with pasta in my book, but it is fun to branch out. Breakfast for dinner is always awesome.

    The other night I was craving Mexican food, but it was 107 degrees out, so I didn’t feel like venturing forth. So instead I made something that was almost, kinda-sorta like Mexican food. You know, the way that Taco Bell is almost like Mexican food. 😉

    My creation featured a bag of frozen spanish-flavored rice (microwaved), several frozen meatballs (microwaved and cut up), about 1/3 can of enchilada sauce, some chopped onion (fresh! omg!), some canned black olives, maybe a 1/2 cup of salsa, and a bit of jack cheese. Mix this all up in a pot and you have…something that would make an actual Mexican cook weep in despair, probably. But it was tasty and it only took about 15 mins to make. So there!

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