Simple Delight

This is just a bowl of cherries — see pitter — on a blob of Cool Whip. Yum.

The cherry pitter is the only thing I’ve ever purchased from Pampered Chef. It was expensive, and worth every dime. Spitting pits can ruin the sweetest fruit, if you ask me. The first time I tried to combine cherries and whipped cream, I didn’t know that a regular knife does NOT suffice — way too much trouble for fingers and for time.

Last summer I was pregnant and craving fresh cherries in the worst way. But we couldn’t find our cherry pitter! So I am making up for lost time this year.

The bowl is made of silicone. It’s very deep, and very nice for ice cream, too. Thank you, Dad, for giving me this very nice bowl. Although, if Dad is reading this, I know he’ll tell me I should adjust the exposure for the picture. Maybe next time, Dad — I was just too eager to eat to take the time for fussing with the camera.

A final note about the Cool Whip: I cheated and used spray can whipped cream. I bet hand made whipped cream is best, but I really prefer Cool Whip, not thawed, but served in cold slabs with the fruit. It melts as you eat it.

2 Responses to “Simple Delight”
  1. Mmmmm. Now I want fresh cherries too! I wonder if Walmart sells cherry pitters? (I refuse to pay more than $5 max for a kitchen utensil that only does one thing.)

    Even a knife would do in a pinch though… *plots to visit the Fresh & Easy very, very soon*

    • Okay, there is that fundamental difference of our philosophies. If anyone else is reading this comment, please go to Live More’s blog to see why she would never buy a kitchen gadget that only does one thing, and she insists a knife would suffice. I must disagree on both counts: the gadget is totally worth the $ and you really take your chances with that knife.

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