Stuffin’ Myself

This was so easy, and so good, I am eating a second helping while I type this.  It is the Chicken Bake from the Stove Top Stuffing box, and it also appears in the Cooking Guru’s Greatest Hits book — no wonder!

It calls for chicken that is boneless and skinless. This makes it very non-threatening to me, as I have trouble trimming large cuts of beef (see Meat).  But reading over the directions, I got nervous this afternoon, looking forward to making it, wondering if the chicken was supposed to be cooked on the stovetop with the stuffing before being put into the casserole. I called Cooking Guru from the Target parking lot just to check.  She told me the chicken goes in raw.

She also  insisted that Stove Top is worth the extra $2 because it has a much better flavor.  Although the box suggests “spread” to be added to the mixture, I used butter, instead of margarine.

Still, the total cost was very low, and when I compare this to making poppy-seed Chicken Salad in Pitas from the Food Network cookbook, I realize that cost should be included in my factoring.  I am going to start calculating the total cost of some of these recipes, just to get my head on straight when deciding which dinner to choose.

Okay, so here is the recipe:

1.5 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast

1/2 bag frozen mixed vegetables (16 oz.) — this is a real bonus, because you don’t need to serve a salad with dinner

1 can cream of chicken soup

1/3 cup sour cream

1 box Stove Top Stuffing

Preheat the oven to 400.  Then boil 1.5 cups water with 1/4 cup butter in a “saucepan”.  Mix in the stuffing, and set it aside.  (This part was much easier than I expected. Why have I never tried making stuffing before?)

Thaw the vegetables. I left mine in the fridge overnight.

Then wash and cut the chicken into 1 inch pieces.  Cooking Guru reminded me to use the kitchen scissors, and it made the process MUCH easier for clumsy me.

Mix the soup, sour cream, vegetables and chicken together in the baking pan. Then lay the stuffing on top. That was the most difficult part, trying to get the stuffing evenly layered over the top.  Oh, it’s really hard not to eat a spoonful!

Bake for 30 minutes. I checked a chunk of chicken from the middle to make sure there was no pink left.

Dear Hubby came home and said it smelled wonderful…This was great feedback for something that took me mere minutes in the kitchen.  I am planning to make this again.  Meanwhile, I will search for more good casseroles, and any recipes using stuffing.

One Response to “Stuffin’ Myself”
  1. That looks totally yum! I think my mom used to make some version of this. (Maybe everyone’s mom did. lol) I think hers used instant rice mixed in instead of stuffing on top. But I looooove Stove Top stuffing, so I’d probably rather make your version. 🙂

    I also vaguely remember a variation that was sort of a white-trash Chicken a l’Orange. It involved instant rice and orange juice and whole boneless skinless chicken breasts plopped in the baking dish, maybe some slivered almonds too. Can’t recall if there were vegetables involved or not.

    I just googled to see if my memory was playing tricks on me, but apparently it exists. My mom once made a chicken and rice casserole that also included hard boiled eggs in it (halved, I think). I seem to recall that hers involved cheddar cheese and broccoli, but the recipe I just found online featured cream of mushroom soup, mayonnaise, and potato chips, for that extra Paula Deen touch. *shudders*

    But back to Stove Top stuffing–have you ever tried mixing it into meatloaf? My mom used to make meatloaf that way and it really gave it a great flavor.

    One last thing, I’m sure I’ve seen good sales here and there for the Stove Top brand, so you should keep an eye out and stock up. It’s not like it won’t keep–the shelf life is probably counted in decades.

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